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In the current climate, it is taboo to speak about one’s religious belief without being labeled as narrow-minded. On the other hand, calling oneself spiritual is acceptable, even considered “cool”. Are spirituality and religion separate? Can one exist without the other?
” Every true religion contains two important limbs: (i) the ritualistic injunctions and (ii) philosophical suggestions. The former alone is accepted generally as religion by many of us, but a religion (rituals, formalities etc.) without philosophy is superstition, and philosophy without religion is barren. Both must go hand in hand. Philosophy reinforces the external practices of rituals and formalities and blesses them with a purpose and an aim. Together they bring out the full significance of religion.”- Swami Chinmayananda
What stops us from integrating our religious identity with the rest of our personality?
We would like to address this topic head on, give voice to our fears and concerns, and together find some answers.
We have an amazing host of moderators who will lead life-stage based discussion groups. We also have three impactful keynote speakers who will provide a high level guidance for the workshop.
See roster below:
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