Activity Offerings

Summer Camp 2021

Dates and Duration: 7 weeks – Monday June 14 2021 –  Friday July 30 2021
                  With a total of 34 days (no class Friday July 2nd for July 4th long weekend)
                  We have 2 days of unique activities;
                           Wednesday June 30th is Pujya Guruji’s birthday
                           Friday July 23rd is Shri Guru Poornima.
Vision of this camp: To inculcate in children love of God and goodness, in the youth to tickle their intellect and usher it the direction of Dharma, and in young adults to inculcate faith and trust in themselves and humanity via the platform of Śrī Tulasi Rāmāyaṇa(Śrī Rāmacaritamānasa). More information about this camp can be found at:
eBV summer camp Registration: Registration for this camp is NOW OPEN. Please register your children and youth ASAP to ensure their spot. Also, please spread the word around of this camp to others in your centers. The registration link is as follows:
Age requirements for this eBV summer camp: Currently enrolled Kindergarten to college youth(CHYK) and Setukari young adults(CSK).

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